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Torsdag 7. juni 2018

Registrering - kaffe og forfriskninger

Åpning og introduksjon ved arrangementskomiteen

Guro Slettemark, Secretary General, Transparency International Norway

Trude Stanghelle, Senior Public Prosecutor, ØKOKRIM, Norway

Rikke Vosgraff-Pattison, Senior Advisor, Riksrevisjonen, Norway

Helge Kvamme, Partner, Advokatfirmaet Selmer DA, Norway

Key Note - Status fra Regjeringen

Key Note - Status fra Riksadvokaten

Tor-Aksel Busch, Riksadvokat, Norge

Pause med forfriskninger

Nasjonal antikorrupsjonsutvikling. ØKOKRIM-panelet svarer

Hvor langt har vi kommet, hvilke trusler står vi overfor, og hvordan tenker vi å møte disse?

Panelets deltakere blir annonsert på et senere tidspunkt.



Sesjon 1: Korrupsjon i offentlig sektor

Hvilke sårbarheter for korrupsjon i offentlig sektor er avdekket de senere årene? Hvilke lærdommer er høstet etter alvorlige korrupsjonssaker? Hvordan forebygges korrupsjon i det offentlige? I panelet rettes søkelyset mot risiko og forbedringstiltak innenfor stat og kommune.

Per-Kristian Foss, Riksrevisor, Norge

Arild Sundberg, Kommunaldirektør, Byrådsavdeling for finans, Oslo kommune, Norge

Paul Røland, Kommunaldirektør, Økonomi og næring, Drammen kommune, Norge

Tor Dølvik, Spesialrådgiver, Transparency International Norge

Steinulf Henriksen, Sjefredaktør og administrerende direktør i Folkebladet, Troms, Norge

Rikke Vosgraff-Pattison, Senior Advisor, Riksrevisjonen, Norway

Anne Elisabeth Langfoss, Juridisk direktør, Forsvarets logistikkorganisasjon (FLO), Norge

Sesjon 2: Korrupsjon i privat sektor – Chief Compliance Officer’s utfordringer

Hvilke dilemmaer står norske virksomheter overfor i krevende markeder? Hvordan takler selskapene korrupsjonsutfordringene? Hva er de største utfordringene mht til å implementere et antikorrupsjons compliance system? På hvilken måte er CCO-rollen i endring når det gjelder den teknologiske utviklingen? Hvordan forankre rollen i toppledelsen?

Tor Ukkelberg, Vice President, Head of Business Integrity & Compliance, Aker Solutions, Norway

Maja de Vibe, Corporate Compliance Officer, Statkraft, Norway

Camilla Orko, SVP, Group Ethics and Compliance Officer, Telenor ASA, Norway

Merete Aspaas, Group Vice President, Legal and Compliance, Jotun A/S, Norway

Thomas Brandi, Partner, Lawyer, Advokatfirmaet Selmer DA, Norway

Pause med forfriskninger

Parallellsesjoner fortsetter

Pause med forfriskninger

When Corruption is the Operating System

Sarah Chayes, author of the award-winning Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security, will discuss corruption as the central feature - not a bug - of sophisticated networks. These networks, which may rule as many as seventy countries worldwide, weave together key members of the public and private sectors and often include criminals. They may represent the gravest threat to democracy in a generation.

Sarah Chayes, Senior Fellow, Democracy and Rule of Law Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, USA

Fagprogrammet avsluttes / Conference Day 1 Adjourns

Mottakelse hos Selmer / Reception at Selmer’s offices

Konferansemiddag / Conference dinner including dinner speech and music show

Friday 8 JUNE 2018

Registration, Morning Coffee and Refreshments

Key Note – Report on international corruption

Handling Anti-Corruption in a global company

What role should the top management play in demonstrating leadership on ethics and compliance?

Svein Tore Holsether, CEO, Yara International, Norway

Coffee break and Refreshments

How Do You Know Your Program Is Working? Measuring Effectiveness of an ABC Program

How do you know your compliance program is effective? Can you produce evidence of its effectiveness? Do you know what you need to be measuring and how to measure them? How can you use the right metrics and data to justify investment in your resources? These are some of the questions we will explore in this session, where we will discuss how risk rate, define, and evidence of your program in measurable terms. 

Hui Chen, Global Ethics & Compliance Leader, Speaker, Consultant, USA

Networking Luncheon


The Obiang Case

Teodorin Obiang, Vice-president and son of the President of Equatorial Guinea, has been given a three-year suspended jail term by a French court for plundering public money to fund a jet-set lifestyle in Paris. Obiang was tried in absentia and given a suspended fine of €30m for laundering the proceeds of corruption, embezzlement and misuse of public funds. The court also decided to confiscate all of his assets held in France. French trial reveals vast wealth of Equatorial Guinean president's son. This landmark case marks a turning point in the fight against impunity both in France and internationally. France has a long time turned a blind eye to the families of corrupt foreign dictators buying up Paris' real estate and going on luxury spending sprees. It is the first time ever that a high-level official has been called to account on corruption related charges whilst still in office. 

Laurene Bounaud, Executive Director, Transparency International France

Understanding the impact of overseas corruption on the London property market

Billions of pounds of investment, much of it driven by overseas corruption, is flowing into London property and exacerbating the capital’s housing crisis, according to research from Transparency International UK. The research and its report “Faulty Towers: Understanding the impact of overseas corruption on the London property market”, assessed 14 new landmark London developments, worth at least £1.6 billion. It found 4 in 10 of the homes in these developments have been sold to investors from high corruption risk countries or those hiding behind anonymous companies. Less than a quarter had been bought by buyers based in the UK. This is one of series of research notes which looks at the phenomenon of 'Corrupt Capital', examining the role of the UK as a global financial services centre in providing  services that facilitate corruption elsewhere in the world.

Robert Barrington, Executive Director, Transparency International UK

Coffee break and Refreshments

Raising the bar for corporate conduct - The Telia Case

From words to action. From action to change. From the E&C team to all levels of leadership. From black and white to grey. From fear to empowerment. Sweden ranks as no 4 on the TI CPI. Yet, in the Telia company case, the Swedish company ended up paying a record high criminal sanction (965 MUSD) for paying a record high bribe (331 MUSD). What we learned of compliance, conduct and culture while implementing an effective ABC program during the four years leading up to the deferred prosecution agreement (DPA).

Michaela Ahlberg, Founder of The Grey Zone, Former Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer in Telia, Stockholm, Sweden

Special Report: The Azerbaijani Laundromat

The Azerbaijani Laundromat uncovered high level corruption in Azerbaijan, including lucrative business deals of the Azerbaijani president’s family members, hidden interests of the president’s siblings in national contracts and mismanagement in the state financing sector.

Khadija Ismayilova, Investigative journalist, Baku, Azerbaijan

Conference Adjourns – Organizing Committee

Helge Kvamme, Partner, Advokatfirmaet Selmer DA, Norway

Guro Slettemark, Secretary General, Transparency International Norway

Trude Stanghelle, Senior Public Prosecutor, ØKOKRIM, Norway

Rikke Vosgraff-Pattison, Senior Advisor, Riksrevisjonen, Norway

Conference ends

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